Delay Certificate

[ 2019/06/25 01:26:42 current ]

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※We do not issue a delay certificate for any unlinked date or time.

2019/06/25(Tues.)   We do not issue a delay certificate.
2019/06/24(Mon.)   We do not issue a delay certificate.
2019/06/23(Sun)   We do not issue a delay certificate.
2019/06/22(Sat.) 16:00 - 24:00
2019/06/21(Fri.)   We do not issue a delay certificate.
2019/06/20(Thurs.) 16:00 - 24:00
2019/06/19(Wed.)   We do not issue a delay certificate.

About Delay Certificate

・Delay certificates cover a period from the time of first train to around midnight.

・A delay certificate is issued when a transit delay is 10 minutes or longer. The delay duration is stamped by every 10 minutes. The certificates for the day are categorized into three periods: (1) the first train to 10:00, (2) 10:00 to 16:00, and (3) 16:00 to around 24:00.

・A certificate will be displayed for 7 days.

・The certificates for the period of (1) will be displayed around 11:00 on the day, (2) around 17:00 on the day, and (3) around 10:00 on the following day.

・Please note that a delay duration on the web certificate can be different from that of a certificate issued at each station.

・The delay certificate provides the maximum delay duration for a certain time period, not a delayed duration for each train. The certificate is not supposed to prove that you are on board a certain train.

・The delay certificate is a proof that there was a delay in transit, and not a proof that any damaged caused by the delay will be compensated.