2017 Noodle Industry Fair <Venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT>

2017 Noodle Industry Fair <Venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT>

In order to contribute to the development and evolution of noodle restaurants, as well as promotion of the industry as a whole, this year, we present the 2017 Noodle Industry Fair. The event will take place over three days, from Wednesday 12th April until Friday 14th April at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.

This year's theme is :'Creating added value for soba and udon specialist businesses.'

Today's customers demand high levels of service in addition to a top-class food experience. There is no need to compete with the prices of fast-food chains that trade on their low cost service. It is a case of perceiving the various needs of customers, carefully selecting ingredients, and providing delicious, beautifully presented food created by dedicated professionals.

This level of service goes beyond just taste – both presentation and exemplary customer service are key to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. In order to provide this experience, there are obvious costs involved. As soba and udon specialists, there are good reasons for our high prices. In response to the challenging market environment, we are looking for proposals that will ensure the continuing success of soba and udon specialist restaurants. In addition, this is an opportunity to forge new business opportunities and expand your PR, marketing, and sales strategies.

We look forward to your participation.

Dates: Wednesday 12th April 2017 – Friday 14th April 2017

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Exhibition classification: Sales negotiation

Venue: East Wing, Hall 4

Admission: 4000yen (Free with invitation)

For more details, please visit the organizer's website.


Holding period:2017-04-12(Wed)~2017-04-14(Fri)

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