See the Harvest Moon at Miraikan! 2017<Venue: Miraikan>

See the Harvest Moon at Miraikan! 2017<Venue: Miraikan>

As a yearly custom here at Miraikan, and part of our symbolic exhibition, “Geo- Cosmos”, we project an image of the moon using data acquired from the satellite “Kaguya,” which is in orbit around the moon. Witnessing the whole surface of the moon in such a way is a truly unique experience.

Furthermore, at this year’s event, we will be showcasing images of Saturn’s satellites in a panel display, along with a detailed talk. The moon we are all well-acquainted with is the earth’s only satellite. However, if you gaze up into the solar system, you’ll see that planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all possess multiple satellites. Within recent years, we have discovered much more about the shape and diversity of these satellites.

Thanks to the Cassini spacecraft which will complete its service on the 15th September this year, and which has conducted detailed investigations, the 62 satellites of Saturn have recently come into focus within the scientific community.

Dates: Wednesday 13th September - Friday 6th October 2017

Venue: Miraikan, 3F, 5F permanent exhibition space

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Holding period:2017-09-13(Wed)~2017-10-06(Fri)

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