9th NIPPON IT Charity Ekiden<Venue: Symbol Promenade Park>

9th NIPPON IT Charity Ekiden<Venue: Symbol Promenade Park>

- Your run can help save a young person’s life -

The NIPPON IT Charity Ekiden was established by Chuck Wilson  in 2010 with the goal of eliminating depression and other conditions preventing people from entering the workplace.

Through participation in an ekiden - a long distance relay race - we want to support young people overcoming the challenges of today’s world. This is the essence of the NIPPON IT Charity Ekiden.

Last year we saw 616 teams participate (3,080 individuals), and roughly 6,000 spectators and support staff in attendance.

The proceeds of this event will go towards the non-profit organization FDA, which supports those suffering from depression and anxiety. Funds will also contribute to the revitalisation projects for areas devastated by the the Tohoku, Kumamoto, and Tottori Chubu Earthquakes.

Take the first step in creating a positive future for Japan!

Applications open from June 15 2018!

Date: Sunday 18 November 2018

Venue: Symbol Promenade Park (Yume Plaza and Yume Bridge)


Symbol Promenade Park