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Commuter Pass


Commuter Pass

Date of Sale

First-time issuance: Within 7 days prior to the start of the validity period

Renewal issuance: Within 14 days prior to the start of the validity period

Validity Period

1 month / 3 months / 6 months

Sales Point・Sales Hour

Commuter Pass Sales Counter Shimbashi Station, Toyosu Station (8:00 to 20:00)
Commuter Pass Issuing Machine
(Green Vending Machine)
Shimbashi Station East Exit (first train to 23:30)
Shimbashi Station West Exit (7:30 to 20:00)
Odaiba Kaihinkōen Station (7:30 to 21:00)
Ariake Station / Toyosu Station (first train to 23:00)

Sales Points



※Credit cards are not accepted.

Student Commuter Pass

Applicable Schools

  • ・Any elementary school, junior high school, senior high schools, universities, colleges, schools for the visually and audibly impaired, school or kindergarten for intellectually handicapped prescribed under Article 1 of the School Education Act.
  • ・Any other national and public school or educational institution.
  • ・Private schools established under the School Education Act
  • ・Japanese branches of foreign universities, graduate schools and junior colleges.

※For details, please contact your school.

Route Section

You can purchase a commuter pass for the section between the station closest to your house and the station closest to your school.
The route section cannot be changed at your own discretion.
A change of the home-nearest station, due to moving and other reasons, requires the revision and signature (seal) by a school representative in the specified document.
An additional section that might be required for extra-curriculum activities, preparatory schools or ‘juku’ schools can be covered by a worker commuter pass, not by a student commuter pass.

How to Purchase

If you are to purchase a new student commuter pass, please submit a student commuter certificate or student ID issued by your school at the station counter.
However, if you present an old commuter pass purchased within the same academic year, you will not need to present your student commuter certificate or student ID (except for the cases of changing the traveling section or purchasing a pass with validity period surpassing April 30).

Single Ticket to Sales Counter Station (Shimbashi and Toyosu)

When you need a train ride to purchase a commuter pass, see below.

Please note that the following measure does not apply to the case when you purchase a commuter pass at an issuing maching in Odaiba Kaihinkoen Station or Ariake Station.

Way to Sales Point

You need to purchase a single ticket to Shimbashi Station or Toyosu Station.

The single ticket to the station will be reimbursed at the commuter pass sales counter. When you arrive at Shimbashi Station or Ariake station, do not go out through the ticket gate but head directly to the station administration for the purchase of commuter pass.

Refund is not accepted for IC cards such as Pasmo and Suica, or for coupon tickets.

Way back from Sale Point

A free returning ticket will be provided on request.
A free returning ticket will not be provided if the purchased commuter pass is already valid.

Information Privacy on Application Form

Application Form

「Personal information requested on the forms to apply for commuter pass issuance or refund will only be used to clarify information for application processes, inquiry about a lost commuter pass, and provide reference to the relevant railway companies or police stations.

Discount Eligibility

「Personal information requested on the forms to apply for ticket/pass discount will only be used to confirm the eligibility of discount and inquire the applicant regarding issuance.

School Attendance Certificate

Personal information described on the School Attendance Certificate will only be used to confirm the eligibility for a student commuter pass and inquire the applicant regarding issuance.

Regular Fare Commuter Pass Cost
Distance Adults Workers Students
fare IC 1 month 3 month 6 month 1 month 3 month 6 month
    ~2.0 190 185 5,530 15,770 29,870 3,320 9,470 17,930
2.1~5.0 250 247 7,370 21,010 39,800 4,420 12,600 23,870
5.1~8.0 320 319 9,520 27,140 51,410 5,710 16,280 30,840
8.1~     380 381 11,360 32,380 61,350 6,820 19,440 36,830

※Children fares are half of adult fares with fractions of less than 10 yen rounded up.

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