What are the baggage restrictions when traveling on the Yurikamome line?Open

Passengers can carry two pieces of baggage with the total length of the three sides below 2.5m (8.2ft) and weight under 30kg (66.1lb). This is allowed only when there is no risk of obstruction to the service. However, baggage of more than 2m (6.56ft) length is not allowed.

Also, dangerous goods and baggage which can pose a risk to other passengers, baggage such as stoves and furnaces, dead bodies, and animals that can harm the carriages, baggage emanating bad or foul smell which are likely to inconvenience other passengers cannot be carried.

Can I carry my bicycle on the Yurikamome Line?Open

Bicycles can be carried in a special bike bag on the trains provided the length does not exceed 2m. There are no charges for carrying bicycles.

However, carrying the bike bag may not be allowed if the trains are very crowded.

Please ensure that other passengers are not inconvenienced at the stations.

Can I get on the Yurikamome with my pet animal?Open

Small animals (pets, etc.), can be carried in a container (with the total length of the three sides below 2.5m (8.2ft), weight under 30kg (66.1lb) and length not exceeding 2m (6.56ft)). The animals must not inconvenience other passengers. Fares are not charged for small animals.
Moreover, when carrying small animals (pets, etc.), ensure that the animals do not escape from the cage at the station or in the carriages, so that other passengers are not inconvenienced.

I am visiting Odaiba for the first time, what are the popular attractions?Open

The popular attractions in the vicinity of Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station are, Odaiba Seaside Park, Decks Tokyo Beach with Tokyo Joypolis, Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, and Daiba 1-chome shopping mall in the same facility.

The popular attractions around Daiba station are Aqua City Odaiba, Mediage, Fuji TV, Hotel Nikko Tokyo, and Grand Pacific LE DAIBA etc. For details, see popular attractions guide -Event calendar.

Why does the train from Shimbashi make a loop before crossing the Rainbow Bridge?Open

The Yurikamome runs on an elevated track at 10-15m for the most part. The Rainbow Bridge lies at 45-60m above sea level so that ships with masts and chimneys can pass under it.
Therefore, there is an elevation difference of around 30m between Shibaura-futo Station and the bridge’s edge. The route has to be made into a long loop to secure a safe inclination.

Most of the stations are unstaffed. How do you clean the stations?Open

Outsourcing cleaning teams clean station facilities every day with ceiling and other inaccessible areas covered on a regular basis. Toilets are cleaned twice – morning and evening – outside of rush hours. In daytime, patrol cleaning is done every hour.