Disabled Passengers

Can a wheelchair user board a train alone?Open

There is an elevator connection from the ground level to the concourse and then to platforms in each station.
At least one ticket machine accessible by a wheelchair user is available.
Each train has two spaces dedicated to a wheelchair user, one in the 3rd carriage and the other in the 4th, and the gap between platforms and these carriages are minimized for comfortable boarding and alighting.
Please inform our staff directly or by interphone before boarding, then we will release announcement and adjust the timing of a train.

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Can a passenger with pacemaker board the train safely?Open

Our system uses electric motors and controlling device similar to other train operators, so there is nothing to worry about.
As to mobile phones, we ask passengers not use them near priority seats through in-train announcement.

What discount tickets are offered to disabled passengers and their caregivers?Open

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Is there any group discount for disabled passengers?Open

In cases where two or more discount criterion are met, passenger fare discounts may not overlap and be applied to the same passenger ticket.