Train Service Hours

What time does the last train leave at major stations?Open

From Shimbashi to Ariake 12:30 AM departure, from Toyosu to Shimbashi 11:53 PM departure, from Toyosu to Ariake 12:32 AM departure.
* The timing is the same for both weekdays and holidays.

Time Table of all Stations

How often does the Yurikamome operate?Open

The Yurikamome operates at an interval of 4-8 minutes in 6:00-8:00, 3-4 minutes in 8:00-9:30, and 5 minutes in daytime on weekdays.
It operates at an interval of 5-8 minutes in 6:00-8:00 and 5 minutes until 21:00 on holidays.

What time does the first train leave at Shinbashi Station?Open

The first train starts leaves Shinbashi at 6:00 both on weekday and holiday.