Information on transportation breakdown

What should I do when operations are suspended at an unmanned station?Open

The information on the suspended operations and transfer rides is displayed on the information screens and broadcast in the stations. Please follow the instructions given. When the train services are suspended and other means of transportation have to be used, see the detour diagram of click here.

Under what circumstances are transfer rides provided?Open

When there is a breakdown in train services and it is determined that recovery may take time.

Can we board any railway line to use transfer rides?Open

The railway line and sections where the transfer rides are provided is fixed. Click here for more information.

Can the transfer rides be availed for any type of ticket?Open

The transfer ride can be availed if you have tickets, coupon tickets, and one day passes within the classification of commuter tickets (magnetic commuter pass, Suica / PASMO commuter pass).

* If you are traveling using the IC ticket charge balance of cards such as Suica and PASMO, the transfer ride cannot be availed since the fare to the destination is not deducted when entering the station.