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Information Privacy

With regard to the treatment of Personal Information, Yurikamome Company Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) establishes and complies with the company regulations for Personal Information Control which meets the Personal Information Protection Law and the related laws, regulations, and norms.

1. Collection and personal information use

When the Company obtains personal data from customers, without any individual explanation, the Company uses personal data with the aim of providing the information of the products and services of the Company or of its affiliated company.

2. Management of personal information

  • (1) We collect, use and provide personal information adequately.
  • (2) We prevent unauthorized access, loss and leak of personal information.
  • (3) We observe the acts, norms and regulations regarding personal information.
  • (4) When the Company needs to provide or entrust personal information to any third parties to achieve the said purpose, the Company shall take necessary measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Disclosure or correction of personal information

When you wish to correct or inquire about your personal information, the Company will accommodate such a request promptly.
The prescribed processing fee will be charged if we are requested to deliver a hard copy of our response to the Owner.

4. Handling of personal information

We will also continue to review and improve our handling of personal information and our methods for secure management.

5. Contacts about Personal information

Yurikamome Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department General Affairs Section
Phone 03-3529-7777

Control of personal information

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